Features Janitors Should Get In Plunger Guards

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Features Janitors Should Get In Plunger Guards

Features Janitors Should Get In Plunger Guards

29 October 2021
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One of the more helpful pieces of equipment janitors rely on to unclog toilets is a plunger. To keep said device clean and sanitary, guards can be purchased for it. You'll enjoy the guard you end up with if it comes with a couple of key features.

Free-Standing Design 

So that you have an easy time keeping up with a plunger and maintaining its sterile nature, you'll want to get a guard that has a free-standing design. Once the plunger is inserted inside the guard and it closes, the entire system will remain standing on its own.

That saves you from having to lean the guard against anything, which could possibly impact its sanitary nature. This type of guard also makes it easy to keep the plunger in good condition since it won't have the ability to fall on the ground and subsequently get stepped on.

Bottom Drip Tray

Sometimes when you go to put a plunger in a sanitary cover or guard, it might still be wet. That won't be a problem if you make sure your guard system comes equipped with a drip tray. It will then collect any liquids that come from the plunger, just in case you're not able to fully dry it.

The excess liquid will remain in this tray, keeping the plunger above it completely clean and ready to go for when you use it again. Some guards come with removable drip trays too, so you can easily get rid of the contents inside when you're ready.

Durable Plastic

Most guards for janitorial plungers will be made of plastic. It's a relatively inexpensive material and can be manufactured in all sorts of ways to better support plungers. You just want to make sure the plastic is durable.

Then, you can better support a plunger when it's not needed in your janitorial operations. Whether you open and close the guard on a regular basis or accidentally bump into it, you want the plastic to be able to resist damage to save you from replacing this resource. Thick industrial plastic is typically the best material for plunger guards in particular.

If you rely on a plunger a lot for janitorial work, it's a good idea to keep it organized and clean. You can achieve both things with the right plunger guard, which you can easily find if you put in some time researching the different models and spec details. 

Go to websites that sell janitorial supplies for more information.  

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