Staying Safe Around Farm Equipment

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Staying Safe Around Farm Equipment

Staying Safe Around Farm Equipment

18 December 2019
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Farm equipment can cause serious injuries if an accident occurs, due to the large size of the equipment and the force of the moving parts involved. If you use heavy equipment on your farm or homestead, it's important to know how to do so safely. Use these guidelines to be sure that everyone around the equipment is as safe as possible. 

Dress Appropriately for the Work

If you'll be using farm equipment, it's important that you are dressed appropriately for the work that you'll be doing. Long hair, boot laces, or ripped jeans can all catch on machinery and wind up causing severe injury. Before beginning to work for the day, be sure that you've handled the following: 

  • pull back your hair
  • wear a hat to keep the sun out of your eyes
  • wear protective footwear
  • secure any loose strings or laces
  • protect your hands with work gloves

Take Breaks Frequently

It can be quite dangerous to operate farm equipment if you aren't well-rested. Before plowing a field or operating a hay baler, be sure you've gotten a good night's sleep. In addition, take breaks to rest throughout the day, as manual labor can be more demanding on the body than you realize. Stop frequently throughout the day to stretch, rest, and hydrate, so that you are able to be at your best as you operate the machinery. 

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

Don't become complacent about using farm machinery, even if you do so on a daily basis. Heavy machinery is dangerous no matter how frequently it's used, and it's important to stay aware of what's going on around you. Keep a close eye on your work, and be sure to listen for any mechanical whines, buzzes, or unpleasant noises. In addition, pay careful attention to what is going on around you, so that you're prepared to avoid any environmental obstacles or dangers that arise. 

Keep Children and Animals in a Safe Area

Many accidents involving farming equipment occur because domestic animals or children are not kept safely away from the machinery. If you'll be operating farm equipment, be sure that you've secured your livestock and family pets safely away from the area. Don't operate farm machinery if you're also caring for small children, as you need to be able to focus on the work.  High-quality farming equipment can last your family for a lifetime. However, it's important that everyone who needs to use it learns how to do so safely. Use the guidelines above to keep everyone on your farm as safe as possible. 

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