What Are The Most Common Boiler Problems?

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What Are The Most Common Boiler Problems?

What Are The Most Common Boiler Problems?

6 February 2019
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Most people don't give any thought to their boilers. After all, how often do boilers really have problems? Typically, you can simply ignore them and move on with your daily routine. Unfortunately, those times when something does go wrong can be critical.

These are the most common problems to develop in boilers. Read on to see what could be wrong with your boiler.


Kettling is kind of what it sounds like if you think about a tea kettle. Kettling makes a loud bang or rumbling sound, which could be similar to something boiling inside sometimes. Other times, it may sound as if somebody is hitting the tank with a baseball bat.

Kettling is caused by the accumulation of minerals in water, changing the pressure levels. Some homes have harder water than others, and your boiler may be the first thing to let you know that you are having a problem and need to take action.


Your boiler should never leak water. If it does, you may have an emergency on your hands. The first thing you need to do is spot the source of the leak. If the source is in the boiler tank, you may be dealing with some corrosion. If this is the case, your entire boiler probably needs to be replaced. If the leak is coming from somewhere else, you may be able to repair the issue.

No Heat

The biggest problem you can have when you are dealing with your boiler is that you aren't getting any heat out of it. Nobody wants to go to take a shower only to step into cold water. Unfortunately, a lack of heat can mean that you have any number of problems.

You could have a problem with the ignition process, which may require a simple boiler repair. In some cases, people struggle with the safety switch malfunctioning, which means it requires a repair or replacement.

And finally, lack of heat could also be a problem with a broken thermostat. Fortunately, your technician may be able to replace your thermostat easily, meaning you do not have to replace the whole boiler.

Call a Professional Boiler Repair Technician

If you note any changes to your boiler, you need to consult with a professional immediately. You may need a totally new boiler, but the issue could also be as simple as a minor repair. Have a technician check out your boiler today.

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