Tips For Stocking Your New Production Facility With Hydraulic Couplers

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Tips For Stocking Your New Production Facility With Hydraulic Couplers

Tips For Stocking Your New Production Facility With Hydraulic Couplers

5 July 2018
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If you've recently acquired a manufacturing facility and you're trying to determine what parts and supplies you need, one of the things you need to stock up on are hose couplers for your hydraulic system. Before you can buy the right ones, you'll need to know what you're actually looking for. Here are some of the things you need to know before you start ordering new couplers. 

Are Your Couplers Permanent?

The couplers in your hydraulic machines are either reusable or permanent. It matters which one you're using because you need to ensure that you maintain that when you order more. When it comes to most hydraulic systems, the couplers are typically permanent because they are easier to work with and faster to connect than their reusable counterparts.

In addition, since permanent couplers are attached with crimping tools and designed to be more secure, they are actually more reliable in a hydraulic system as well. The way that they attach means you have less risk of any kind of leaks. This reduces your risk of downtime and the cost of the associated repairs.

What Style Couplers Do You Need?

Couplers come in a few unique styles. Getting the right style is important because the couplers won't connect properly or stay secure if you don't choose the right ones.

Threaded units are either male or female. The female threaded couplings have the threads on the inside. The male version has the threads on the outside. You'll need one of each to create a proper seal because the tapered threads of each will actually lock together and form a pressure fitting.

O-ring couplers form a seal with the use of an o-ring in the center of the connection. That o-ring is what creates the necessary vacuum to keep the fluid pressure consistent in the hose lines.

Angled couplers are threaded like a standard threaded coupler, but the threads don't actually create a seal when they are threaded together. Instead, the coupler ends up sitting at an angle when it's finally threaded together. That angle is what forms the proper seal.

What Other Considerations Are There?

In addition to these key considerations, you'll also have to make sure that you choose the right diameter, flow rate, and angle when you select couplers. Make sure that the diameter matches that of the hose, and the flow rate matches the flow of the hydraulic fluid through the system. That way, you don't have to worry about your coupler choking the system or creating a leak.


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