What Should You Check Before Buying Pre-Owned Packaging Equipment?

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What Should You Check Before Buying Pre-Owned Packaging Equipment?

What Should You Check Before Buying Pre-Owned Packaging Equipment?

12 April 2018
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When you are in the business of producing food products, packaging will be a huge part of your operation, but packaging equipment can be major investments. Therefore, a lot of people just getting started in this industry will look for used packaging equipment to save some money. Sometimes, buying pre-owned is an excellent move financially, but you do need to make sure you shop wisely. Here are a few questions you should ask before you make the decision to buy a used piece of packaging equipment for your business. 

Can you see the equipment in operation?

For the most part, when business owners place a used piece of equipment out of service it will be because they have bought something new. Unfortunately, this also means you will not be able to see the equipment in action and you won't be able to ensure everything is properly functioning. It is always best to look for a used piece that is still up and running if you really want to make sure it is functional. If the seller can't do this, it doesn't have to be a deal breaker, but you will want to see some form of documentation from a technician that says the equipment works or did work when it was taken out of service. 

What kind of environment was the piece of equipment used in?

This is an important question for a few reasons. One, the type of environment that the equipment was used in will have a lot to do with its condition. For example, if the packaging machine was used in an environment where there was some form of steam nearby, it will mean the equipment was exposed to high levels of humidity, and that's typically not a good thing. 

Is the equipment available from a reputable seller?

It is always best if you buy pre-owned manufacturing equipment from a seller who specializes in this kind of thing instead of juts the random person. You can buy items from the average individual, sure, but with a reputable seller, there's a better chance you will get a piece of equipment that has been thoroughly tested. A seller who deals with pre-owned equipment will also likely have supporting documentation for the equipment and will be able to answer questions about where the piece came from, who can provide service for it going forward, and even where to obtain replacement parts. 

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