How Tungsten Is Used And Where To Get It

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How Tungsten Is Used And Where To Get It

How Tungsten Is Used And Where To Get It

21 March 2018
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Known for its durability and strength, Tungsten is a naturally occurring element that has the highest known melting point of any metal and is denser than even water. Tungsten is considered a rare metal but is not as valuable as gold or silver and used in commercial applications as an alloy to create a strong yet workable metal.

Raw Tungsten

Tungsten in its raw crystalline form is hard but brittle. It has a melting point of 6193 degrees Fahrenheit and doesn't boil until the temperature is well over 10,000 degrees. While it is sometimes sold to commercial buyers in the raw form, it is almost always used as another component in something else, but occasionally it is used raw. In its pure form, Tungsten is an exceptional electrical conductor as well.

Tungsten In Electrical Applications

Because tungsten has a natural conductivity to it and such a high melting point, the metal is used to make parts like filaments for light bulbs, X-ray tubes, and other application like TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding. It is often used on electrodes and sometimes as an interconnect material on circuit boards. The uses in electrical and electronic applications are still growing and more uses for it are being found all the time.

Tungsten As An Allow

Tungsten is beginning to become more common as an alloy in the jewelry industry as Tungsten Carbide and is very durable. There are many rings being made from it because the material is hard enough that it resists scratching and bending, though it can be brittle and may crack if struck hard enough.. The density of tungsten is so close to that of gold, it can be plated with gold and it is hard to tell the difference on the surface. Tungsten is also commonly used in things like knives, saw blades, and drill bits because of its durability and resistance to heat.

Suppliers Of Tungsten

Currently, the largest supplier of Tungsten is China with production around 51,000 tons a year with a total of about 61,000 tons a year produced worldwide. Once imported, suppliers can offer it to buyers for commercial use in just about any form. The most common is a powdered form that can be added to other materials to create alloys. Most suppliers offer carbine as an alloy, or as tungsten carbide, but it can also be found in tungsten-based chemicals and raw tungsten if the buyer needs it that way.

To learn more about tungsten, talk with a tungsten supplier in your area.   

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