Essential Equipment For Your Loading Dock

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Essential Equipment For Your Loading Dock

Essential Equipment For Your Loading Dock

1 February 2018
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When it comes to your loading dock, you want to know that inventory and supplies are being safely and quickly processed. That means having the essential equipment needed to keep your dock operating at optimum levels. Here are just some of the many types of equipment to consider adding to your loading dock.

Lifts And Levelers

Lifts and levelers make it easier for your crew to operate forklifts and hand trucks when loading and unloading shipments. They provide a bridge between the floor of the dock and the lip of the truck, allowing the wheels of your equipment to roll smoothly across without damaging your pallets or boxes. Lifts come in a range of designs, including scissor and hydraulic setups. You'll want to have one at each bay of your dock so you can securely transport goods no matter which door you are using.

Signal Lights

Signal lights provide essential information to your crew before they open or close a bay door. These lights should be installed both inside and on the exterior of the dock. When the light is red, your team should take caution when opening the door. A green light means a truck is backed up and ready to go. Without these lights, there's a greater risk that someone might open a door and potentially fall when there is no truck on the other side. Some signal lights are automatic and work with sensors on your bay, while others must be operated by the person in charge of receiving trucks.

Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks are essential for any warehouse or loading dock. They provide the strength needed to move heavy pallets of goods with minimal effort, and they feature a hydraulic mechanism that lets you lift each pallet slightly off the floor to prevent damage. If you are short on space in your loading dock, a pallet jack can also provide a handy alternative to a forklift.

First Aid Equipment

Accidents can happen, even on the safest of loading docks. That's why it's important to have first aid supplies at the ready. Consider a wall-mounted first aid cabinet, which can be installed at either end of the dock bays. This kit should have bandages, cold packs, and other essential equipment, as well as tourniquets and blankets for treating employees who might be in shock. Consider installing a phone line next to where the first aid kit will be placed so your crew can quickly call for an ambulance, should the need arise. You may also want to stock safety equipment next to the first aid kit so your crew can take proper precautions before an accident happens. This equipment might include back braces, safety goggles, and reflective vests.

Talk to your loading dock crew to see which types of equipment they would like to see installed, and use this list to help rethink the way you unload at your dock. Visit sites like for more information. 

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