Starting a Restaurant? 2 Tips to Help You Get the Best Price on Food

Are industrial supplies costing your business a hefty fund each month? Learn some tips and tricks for cutting costs on supplies.

Starting a Restaurant? 2 Tips to Help You Get the Best Price on Food

Starting a Restaurant? 2 Tips to Help You Get the Best Price on Food

5 May 2017
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If you're starting a restaurant for the first time, there are likely a number of emotions rushing through you. While you are excited at the prospect of being your own boss, there's also some trepidation there due to the sheer amount of responsibility that you are taking on. You want your restaurant to be a financial success, and one of the most important ways to achieve this is to keep costs low. This especially pertains to food since it makes up such a large amount of your expense.  

Use this information to learn more about what you can do to get the best prices on the food you need for your restaurant.

Partner with a Wholesale Distributor

The first thing you should do when you're looking to get great prices on your food is partner with a wholesale distributor. Whether it's a local division in your community or a division many miles away, you're sure to find your relationship with a wholesale distributor to be a very profitable one.

Wholesale distributors are able to offer more affordable prices to their clients because they get their inventory directly from the manufacturer. Whereas food that is sold in retail venues may have to change hands a number of different times before it ends up on the shelves, food at the distributor usually ends up there in a single transaction. 

Keep in mind that you may want to frequent a few virtual forums that are specifically targeted toward restaurant patrons. They will usually have a section where people are able to leave reviews concerning their experiences with particular distributors. You can also visit websites like to get an idea of what you would pay for wholesale.

Join a Restaurant Co-Op

Another tip that can help you get budget-friendly food for your restaurant is to join a co-op. A co-op is a group of individuals or businesses who join forces in order to get better rates for the food and services that they require. By joining a co-op, you might be agreeing to receive your food on the same days as the restaurants around you or to pick up your shipments from a common location versus having them shipped to you. These little changes save the vendor money and they're able to pass the savings on to the members of the co-op.

Getting the food you need for your restaurant doesn't have to break the bank. Start using these tips right away so you can get your eatery off the ground as soon as possible.

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