Parts Of An Air Dryer That May Need Repair (And Why You Should Still Install Them!)

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Parts Of An Air Dryer That May Need Repair (And Why You Should Still Install Them!)

Parts Of An Air Dryer That May Need Repair (And Why You Should Still Install Them!)

2 March 2017
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Air dryers are those loud, fun dryers in most bathrooms that blow-dry the water from your hands after you have washed them. Most of the time these handy dryers work without a glitch, but every so often, one breaks down. The following parts are the ones that most commonly need repair, but do not let that stop you from installing one anyway. 

The Push Button

The usual sort of air dryer uses a push button mechanism. Like anything with a push button, the internal touch connection between the back end of the button inside and the electrical switch can become faulty and not connect. A repair technician has to open up the dryer, check to see that the wiring is still soldered to the connection panel, check the wires and then possibly replace the button.

The Hot Air Is Cold

The heating coils are not conducting heat, but instead the dryer just blows cold air. This is similar to a furnace when its heating coils burn out or stop working. The technician has to open the dryer, check the heating coil to see if it is still connected, and then either reattach it or replace it.

Automatic Dryers and Their Motion Sensor Panels

Some air dryers are automatic because they utilize motion sensor panels. These are the ones you place your hands under and the dryers automatically turn on. If they do not turn on for anyone and refuse to function, something may be amiss with the sensor panels. The technician has to test the panel with special instruments, and then open the dryer up to check the ignition switches, wiring and sensor panel from inside. Once all of these parts have been checked and tested, the technician may just decide to replace the sensor panel to restore the air dryer.

Reasons Why You Should Still Install Air Dryers Anyway

After all of that, you may wonder if air dryers are really worth it. Well, they are. You never have to clean up all of the loose, used paper towels customers use to dry their hands, which means you never have to buy the paper towels or the garbage receptacles or the garbage bags for said receptacles. They save you a lot of money in the long run, especially since they are not prone to breaking down quite so easily. They are also very eco-friendly because several thousands of trees do not have to be cut down to be turned into paper towels for hand drying.

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