2 Pieces Of Industrial Equipment Every Manufacturing Plant Needs

Are industrial supplies costing your business a hefty fund each month? Learn some tips and tricks for cutting costs on supplies.

2 Pieces Of Industrial Equipment Every Manufacturing Plant Needs

2 Pieces Of Industrial Equipment Every Manufacturing Plant Needs

26 September 2016
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Business owners everywhere want to know how to do two things: improve profitability and eliminate liability. Fortunately, equipment manufacturers worldwide are laser-focused on the same business goals—and have responded by creating state-of-the-art equipment that can help. Here are two pieces of industrial equipment that will optimize your manufacturing workflow while simultaneously protecting your bottom line.

1. Bulk Bag Unloaders

Most things are cheaper when they are ordered in bulk, which is why many manufacturing plants order bare materials in large quantities and then mix them in-house. Unfortunately, doing so can put a strain on your workforce—both physically and financially. In addition to putting your workers at a higher risk for things like back strain injuries, the more people that are required to do a job, the longer the job takes to do.

Fortunately, bulk bag unloaders are designed to resolve these age-old problems. These hefty automatic bag depositors are capable of lifting and dispensing hundreds of pounds worth of materials while your workers focus on other things. Here are just a few benefits of bulk bag unloaders.

  • Less Manpower Needed: Instead of assigning multiple workers to the unloading station, you might only need a single employee overseeing the depositing process. This saves money on labor, which means that your bulk bag unloader investment could pay for itself within a few short years.
  • Eliminates Loss: Bulk bag unloaders are designed to do one thing: deposit material in a clean, efficient manner. This means that more product will go where you need it to instead of on the floor, which helps to eliminate loss and lower costs.
  • Reduces Cross-Contamination: Bulk bag unloaders are also commonly designed with shields that keep loose product contained, which can help to eliminate cross-contamination. For example, if you have a portion of your factory with expensive electronic machinery, bulk bag unloaders can minimize airborne dust particles, helping you to protect your equipment.  

Before you start shopping for bulk bag unloaders, carefully consider the size and weight of your raw materials. Choose an unloader that can easily handle the biggest bags you would need to dispense, and look for additional features that might make the job easier, such as automated controls or weight sensors.  

2. A Dust Collection System

Saw dust might give your manufacturing plant a unique and welcoming smell, but don't breathe in too deeply—wood dust can cause all kinds of health problems. In fact, in 2002, saw dust was categorized by the Centers for Disease Control as a known carcinogen, causing nose, lung, and throat cancers. Unfortunately, sweeping up those piles of sawdust sitting under your mill's table saw won't do much to protect your employees. Research has shown that the most damaging wood dust particles are also the hardest to collect, which is why every wood shop needs a dust collection system.

Dust collection systems work like a large air vacuum that constantly circulates and cleans the air. Although there are a variety of different dust collection systems available, even basic fabric-filter models are capable of trapping more than 99% of harmful fine dust particles.   

In addition to keeping your workshop clean and tidy, dust collection systems might help your bottom line by keeping your employees safe and eliminating expensive workplace incident and worker's compensation lawsuits. To keep the air in your warehouse healthy, experts recommend purchasing a system capable of moving 1,100 – 1,200 cubic feet per minute for larger workshops and 650 cubic feet per minute for smaller workshops.

If you are interested in improving your manufacturing line, contact an industrial equipment dealer near you to make your business more profitable than ever before. 

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